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The Killers: Genene Jones

Murders Committed: 11 to 46+

Between May and December 1981, the pediatric department of the Bexar County Hospital in San Antonio, Texas, witnessed the loss of as many as twenty infants through cardiac arrest or runaway bleeding. In the majority of cases death had occurred while the babies were in the care of a licensed vocational nurse named Genene Jones; Jones, though, was widely regarded by patients as dedicated to the care of her small charges.

A series of internal inquiries were held without any positive recommendation, and eventually a panel comprising experts from hospitals in the USA and Canada was appointed to look into the deaths. The panel routinely interviewed members of the Bexar staff and were surprised when one of her own colleagues bluntly accused Genene Jones of the infants' murder. The panel, as is so often the case, failed to reach any firm conclusion beyond the suggestion that the hospital dispense with the services of both Jones and the nurse who had accused her of killing babies.

Jones seemed to thrill in putting the small children in mortal peril and thrusting herself into the role of hero when the children pulled through. Unfortunately, many did not.

News reports had begun to mention as many as forty-two baby deaths under investigation. The grand jury finally returned indictments against Jones and she was charged with murder following the discovery of excess drugs in one patient's body. Jones was found guilty and sentenced to ninety-nine years.

She was subsequently put on trial for a second time charged with administering an overdose of the blood thinning drug heparin to another child. This time she was handed down a concurrent term of sixty years.

When she lost her 1984 trial, hospital officials throughout Texas shredded records of her employment and activities, preventing further trials and embarrassment.

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