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Poona the Fuckdog

A magical
singing penis!

A space alien
named Cunt!

Lots of

And an adorable fuckdog named Poona who just wants someone to come play in her big pink box!

Poona the Fuckdog

by Jeff Goode

.Once upon a time., there was a little fuckdog who lived in the woods. Her name was Poona.

Poona had no friends until her Fairy God Penis brought her a magical gift - a big pink box.

Then a handsome prince came to play in Poona's big pink box. And came. And came again.

Won't you come and play with Poona?

Follow Poona's twisted path to the Kingdom of Do (where no one did). Meet The Man Who Can Sell Anything, Suzy-Suzy Cyber-Assassin, Mr. Beer, a pair of space aliens named Jasper and Cunt, and God (who will answer any question for five bucks).

If Pee Wee's Playhouse had a kennel, Poona the Fuckdog would board there. Poona is cartoonish yet clever, innocent and insidious, over the top but under the skin. Jeff Goode deftly deploys a child's fairy tales to skewer the adult world of crass commercialism, marauding media, and totalitarian technology.

Spike the milk. Lace the cookies. And get way, way under the covers for Jeff Goode's hilarious and subversive bedtime stories for adults, Poona the Fuckdog.

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