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Poona the Fuckdog

Poona the Fuckdog

About Theatre Vertigo

Poona the Fuckdog was performed and directed by Theatre Vertigo, in a small but lively venue in Portland, Oregon. The following was shamelessly stolen from their web site. Head over there to see much more about Theatre Vertigo.


Theatre Vertigo is an ensemble of artists dedicated to developing and nurturing the work of its members. Our goal is to engage, stimulate, and entertain a new generation of audiences by presenting thought provoking and daring works both new and old.

With this common artistic vision and the ever present labor of our members we continue to discover that the process of creating theater is just as important as the plays we choose to present. Each script has a story to tell and by cultivating a deeper connection within the ensemble the more vivid the story becomes.

We believe that our dedication to this mission confirms the importance of keeping theater alive.


Theatre Vertigo was founded in 1997 by Paul Floding, Nanette Pettit, and Jeff Meyers.

After surviving two years of well-received late night productions, Theatre Vertigo finally found its home at The Russell Street Theatre in 1999. From dark comedies to brutal realities and back again Theatre Vertigo remains dedicated to its mission. For more information about Theatre Vertigo please visit www.theatrevertigo.org.

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