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Straight: A Conversion Comedy

David Schmader

is the author of the witty, literate, and subversive solo comedies Letter to Axl, Exploring Whoring, and Straight, which he has performed to great acclaim in Seattle and across the U.S. Currently Schmader is associate editor of the Seattle newsweekly The Stranger, for which he writes the weekly pop culture and politics column "Last Days."

"David Schmader's one-man plays are beautifully observed, artfully rendered, and funny as shit - Clark Kent sets out to find Jean Genet and comes home as none other than David Schmader, the boy your mother would want you to marry if she had a lick of sense."

Craig Lucas, author of Prelude to a Kiss and Longtime Companion

"David Schmader is a tremendously gifted writer. Schmader doesn't beat up on the usual suspects, nor does he trot out standard retorts. Instead he digs deeper, exposing hypocrisies - including his own - by turning them inside out. Schmader's writing is informed, exhilarating, and brilliantly funny. He's the real deal."

Dan Savage, author of Savage Love and The Kid

"David Schmader does the masters of the confessional monologue (like Spalding Gray) one better, by linking the form to an older, more literary one-the personal essay, in which private experience becomes a springboard to larger issues."

Chicago Reader

"David Schmader is a wicked wit disguised as a God-fearing farm boy."

Seattle Weekly

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We recommend Straight for viewers aged 17 and above.

2002 - 100 minutes


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