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Straight: A Conversion Comedy

Reviews of the production shot by StageDirect

"Schmader is a consummate storyteller ... thought-provoking and extremely entertaining."

Willamette Week

Reviews of other productions (also performed by David Schmader)

"Schmader's writing is fabulously intelligent and witty, and he has great command of narrative structure. Like a confident stand-up comic, he pulls us in with hilarious one-liners ('Watching ex-gays play touch football is like watching a dachshund swim. They can do it, but...')."

San Francisco Weekly

"Exacts sweet revenge... with wit, style and the occasional flash of naughtiness."

Los Angeles Times

"Schmader's insight comes from both his pithy writing and the rigorous self-evaluation being gay (painfully) provides. He fights the urge to stereotype, trusts his own moral barometer, and gives the same anger and sympathy to struggling ex-gays and homophobics alike."

Seattle Weekly

"Wickedly bent.... But, rather than give a one-note performance, Schmader goes beyond the easy target of "the enemy." He takes a look at the enemy within -- the gay community itself. Some may squirm, some may become indignant, some will see the kernels of truth. The questionable value of Pride as a sacred entity, the emptiness of casual sex, the lack of simple human respect for each other, the reality that there are true and valid conditions in our community to make a gay or lesbian person unhappy, get discussed with an incisive honesty."

Gay and Lesbian Times

"[F]requently laugh-out-loud funny, as Schmader takes a wry look at himself, his family, and the often hapless folks he meets in his adventures in the world of gay-to-straight wannabes. But Schmader is not afraid of foregoing a laugh, even when it means giving the other side a moment of dignity, or at least sympathy."

Bay Area Reporter

"Schmader's performance is a delight. This is a stripped-down show with a script that sings."

San Diego Union Tribune

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We recommend Straight for viewers aged 17 and above.

2002 - 100 minutes


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