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The Haint
"Well, as you can see, the original blood stain itself is still there. We've touched it up just a little bit but we think it has the same effect."
Mayor Corbin Husker

A Southern Gothic Ghost Story

Welcome to Midway, Tennessee (population: 1602), home of: Dick and Thelma's Tastee Freeze, Knuckleberry Farms, Cottage Prayer Meetings... oh yeah ... and one ghost.

Her name is Bloody Mary and she gunned down the lover who never loved her, then turned the gun on herself. Now, Midway is haunted by her ghost and the townspeople, God-loving Americans that they are, have almost all come to the same conclusion: she's the perfect tourist attraction.

Welcome to Troy Mink's The Haint, an hilarious one-man tour de force.

Part murder mystery, part comedy, The Haint is a shaggy-dog ghost story with a cast of thirteen unforgettable characters.

"Just because my jail can't contain a particular suspect does that mean I should stop pursuin' them? No. It means that I needs to build a better jail."
Sheriff Sam Gruntley

From a sleazy 'gee-aw-shucks' mayor to a chain-smoking lesbian aethiest to a ghost-busting sheriff to a shrimp-dip obsessed town simpleton to an effeminate New Age spirtualist...

...all thirteen hilarious characters are played by just one actor: Troy Mink

"I'll tell you what it is. It's a white-trash Disneyland. I mean, how desperate have we become when a blood stain on the floor becomes the highlight of a family vacation?"
Luann Wooten

Seattle Weekly calls Mink "phenomenally talented."

The Seattle Times says "The Haint is scary in a loopy, will-o'-the wisp sort of way, and very funny."

The Stranger writes that Troy makes all of his offbeat characters "completely compelling and extremely funny.... Mink will charm and entertain you with his off-kilter world."

Troy Mink has for many years been a respected member of the Improv scene in Seattle, whose critics have all applauded The Haint.

"If you want answers go to the devil. He's got an answer for everything. The Beast has a new number... 90210!"
Pastor Roy Root

Mink inhabits the world of The Haint so completely because these people are his people. He puts their quirky Southern tics on wonderful display, but with the love and respect due the neighbors and relations from whence they've come. Mink's characters have the "breadth and warmth of humanity" (Seattle Weekly).

Take a little detour south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Coast into Midway and ask the way to Bloody Mary's Haunted House. Let The Haint leave you haunted and howling, all at the same time.

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We recommend The Haint for viewers aged 14 and above. Troy does sprinkle in some profanity, most of it, not surprisingly, from a character who hails from the North.

The Haint
2001 - 60 minutes


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